There are many breeders out there looking to make a quick buck on selling Yorkshire Terrier puppies.  The truth is, there are some breeders that are more ethical and knowledgeable than others, and it will save you a lot of time, money, and heartache if you do your research and work with a breeder who really has his/her puppies’ best interest in mind.  Below I have listed some traits and signs you should look for in a responsible breeder.

Raises puppies in a clean, secure environment within their home where the puppies receive plenty of care and attention.  Cleanliness plays a huge role on your puppies health, so this is very important

Has puppies and adults that seem acclimated to living as part of the family

Has puppies and adults that are well socialized and used to being exposed to people

Provides buyers with photos and pedigrees of BOTH parents…never buy a dog from a breeder who doesn’t provide you with full view photos of the parents

Provides buyers with accurate registration papers at time of purchase (I do not recommend dogs that are registered with any other organization than the AKC or CKC)

Charges neither bargain basement nor exorbitant prices.  A dog is a life-long investment, so don’t just buy according to price, because many times you get what you pay for

Provides a health guarantee, written care instructions, and necessary supplies at time of purchase

Breeds sparingly and only within one or two breeds

Breeds according to the AKC standards

Asks you a lot of questions about your living conditions, and the situation the puppy will be in at your home

Has references and/or testimonials from past buyers

It may seem like this is a long list of things to consider before purchasing a puppy, but purchasing a puppy is a major decision, and it should be thought through very carefully.  The environment your dog comes from can really make a difference.  If something doesn’t seem right with the breeder you are working with, move on and search elsewhere.  At My Yorkie Babes, we do everything possible to ensure our dogs and puppies health and safety.  Honesty is my top priority, and it is very important to me to find the perfect home for all of my pups. 

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