Parti colored Yorkshire Terriers are extremely rare, but the parti gene has actually been in the Yorkshire Terrier breed since the 1800’s.  Parti Yorkshire Terriers look like traditional yorkies except for their unique coloring.  Their color is predominately white with black and tan markings.  These gorgeous dogs have been eligible for AKC registration since 2000.  Parti colored Yorkies are healthy animals and they are not a genetic freak of nature as some people, groups, or websites suggest.  They are beautiful dogs and some of the finest examples of this magnificent breed.

The Parti gene is a recessive gene, and can only be expressed if a parti gene carrier is bred to another parti gene carrier.  A parti gene carrier actually looks like a standard Yorkshire Terrier except they may have white markings on their chin, chest and/or feet.  The chances of having full parti yorkies in a litter depends the initial breeding situation.  These scenarios and possibilities are listed below.

Parti Color to Parti Color = All puppies will be Parti Color
Parti Color Carrier to Full Parti Color =  50% Full Parti Color and 50% Parti Carrier
Parti Color Carrier to Parti Color Carrier = 25% Parti Color, 50% Traditional Color who carry the recessive Parti Color Gene, and 25% Traditional Color that DOES NOT carry the Parti Color Gene.

As I mentioned, because the Parti Color gene is a recessive gene, these dogs are extremely rare, and as a result, they are hard to come by.  Due to the principles of supply and demand, these dogs are sold at a higher price than most traditional colored yorkies.  

It has taken a lot of time and energy, but I have really strived to have some of the best Parti Colored Yorkshire Terriers as part of my breeding program.  If you are interested in being placed on my waiting list for a Parti puppy, please let me know.  I am very excited to provide these rare, beautiful colored puppies to my customers.

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